Saturday, February 2, 2013

Fixing the Foyer I

Phase I of fixing the foyer actually began as soon as we moved in and removed two large box-shaped shelves from the widest wall and later moved a dresser in to store some of our clothes while visiting and working.

Alex gutted the foyer of old sheet rock and plaster, uncovering wide old boards around and near the bedroom door. They were covered in old wallpaper here which I have stripped.

The two foot wide old floor boards Bill installed upstairs created a beautiful ceiling for the foyer closet below. I can't wait to use the new floor electric outlet he installed next to the chimney.

Bill is wiring the closet for a pull chain light to go above the door inside and I found this vintage art deco one which has an electrical outlet in its’ base. Bill reversed the shade to show it best and reflect the light up.

I found this closet door stored in our garden shed, covered in purple and other color paint. It had to be stripped which also cleaned up an interesting old door latch that matches the front door handle - wow. Bill will build it out to fit the new closet space better, using leftover King’s Wood which is the same thickness. This job will require the biscuit joiner Bill bought used - to make strong joints, and then creating door trim so that it will open in the right direction.

We will use King's Wood like this (left) to also create walls surrounding the closet soon.  


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