Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fixing Floors I

If the staircase was a reason not to buy Old Farm, the original floor boards upstairs were a reason to overlook the negatives. They were covered with all sorts of rugs and barely painted several colors around their edges, but distinctively beautiful to us. Most of this winter will be spent finishing fixing these floors. In every room except the master bedroom which has insulation between the beams, the ceiling boards downstairs are the floor boards upstairs. That means ship-lapping two or all four sides of any replacement boards to keep sound and heat separated as much as possible.

The Work

Here is Bill’s work in the hallway upstairs which is directly above the kitchen wood burning stove (going at the time), replacing boards and reinforcing a beam as well. We are replacing most of the flooring in this hallway, which is newer boards and installed after the chimney was rebuilt. Also, now that the new stairs are in, we will be finishing the floor next to them with two foot wide boards the same age as the house! Then it’s paint, paint, paint – three coats of white paint.

Below Bill has reinforced a large ceiling beam in the kitchen with a piece of oak; working from upstairs.

Patching Paint

The small bedroom upstairs has a wonderful old green floor with salmon colored spatter paint on it. I have painted the board patches and perimeter in there with John Deere green paint and a coral color paint made by Pottery Barn to match it. I may eventually have to re-paint the entire floor, but first things, first at Old Farm.

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