Friday, October 5, 2012

Refinishing and Refurbishing

Wicker and Wood

This antique wicker chair was covered with many coats of peeling white paint (it was used on the outside porch in Hopewell for several years) which were all taken off by the local stripper. I decided to leave it natural since the weave of the chair is so noticeable now.

The wide ceiling, wall and floor boards in this photo are all considered "King's Wood" which were boards wider than about a foot. Early colonists could be hung for using them if not part of a windfall on their property (felled by a storm verified by a minister). England was in desperate need of the old growth trees here, and any 24" wide and more were marked as the King's for ship building. Later, boards wider than about a foot were heavily taxed if found in the first floor of a colonist's home - the King's inspectors were not allowed to examine the upstairs of a colonist's home, so most of the widest old boards can be found there. The use and taxation of "King's Wood" was as much a cause of the American Revolution as the taxation of tea some believe.

Only one roof board upstairs at Old Farm nearly measures 24" and the rest are less wide. The wide floor boards downstairs were either taxed or part of a windfall perhaps, as the original land parcel was large? We believe Old Farm was built by Benjamin Lewis, the grandson and son of original Pilgrims George Lewis senior and junior, respectively, who both came from England in 1630.

The new knee walls above, Bill built using old "King's Wood" found stored in a shed at a nearby lumber yard. We plan to use more of it to cover the walls in our small foyer after the stairs are revised...eventually.

Thrift, Flea, and Consignment Shops

I waited three months for the price to drop to its’ lowest, for this antique Irish dresser at the “Decorator’s Consignment Shop” in Hopewell. It needed some trim re-attached, besides sanding and buffing after several coats of clear Briwax. (The two deep drawers are nice for this room.) The mirror was added to a $5.00 flea market frame and the mirror-pink glass vase is from the local church thrift.



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