Monday, September 3, 2012

Bigger Bolsters

Alex asked for a big bolster on his bed upstairs at Old Farm since he does not have a headboard. I bought a Pottery Barn curtain that matched the duvets, and used it to slipcover two large Ikea feather bolsters. The Toile fabric is lined with white cotton fabric and I covered cording for the ends.

Also wanted was a bowl in the washstand/nightstand with a mirror above it for crowded moments at Old Farm.

Loft Room Before Renovation:

The work included removing all of the riser walls, sheet rock, framing and electric wiring.

The other bedroom upstairs has headboards I "bolstered" with 2" of batting and left-over fabric I had...

Guest Room Before Renovation:

Here the ceiling and beams were removed as well as the riser walls, framing, sheet rock, electric wiring, wallpaper, plaster and lathe.

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