Sunday, August 12, 2012

Polishing the Past

It has been a long hot summer at Old Farm and the large part of our lawn without shade could use some subtle sprinklers I think. I found both of these vintage brass sprinklers being sold together, in need of polishing but working. It took two afternoons on a buffing wheel and then using a dremel with red rouge and white diamond polish, but now I’m anxious to hook them up together near the lawn faucet. They shoot two rings of water up over eight feet and will be fun to shuffle around and stand under!

 Continuing with Copper...

Within a year of living at Old Farm, we decided a kitchen fan - that vented to the outside, was a priority. Since it is a small house, we wanted everything to look natural on it, and a fan vent cover could be seen as you approach the back door. I bought a copper outdoor thermometer for Old Farm’s little kitchen window, to match the outdoor lantern lights everywhere, so Bill ordered copper vent covers for both the kitchen and bathroom outdoor vents. They were custom made, but not anymore expensive because of it. Alex loves them and these came already polished and shiny...

Here is the kitchen vent which hides behind our Weigela Red bush, but works great.

Polishing Pots

Bill has always wanted some copper pots, but the boys all want one of these someday. I waited many months to finally buy these at the consignment shop in Hopewell for Old Farm. They were very tarnished, but after two afternoons on the buffing wheel are quite beautiful again.

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