Sunday, May 13, 2012

More Mulch – A Garden Update

It is spring and I have weeded, pruned, and mulched the new gardens at Old Farm… with the dogwoods and lilacs blooming around me. Everything newly planted survived the winter – even though I was still planting in February this year! I have put down 7 cubic yards of “chocolate” mulch, which seemed the nicest local selection, and made a 4"-5” ground cover to discourage the old weeds from returning. This garden is rather low, so we can continue to watch the birds fly through and hunt around in it, as well as watch it bloom from the lawn chairs or kitchen windows.

Notice the nice new grass edge along the brick walkways? Alex was able to get the old grass edger that came with Old Farm working, after some experimenting (this included going backwards) and perseverance. He also re-wired and replaced our outdoor spotlights on the corner of both buildings, which light the driveway and side deck. Hooray!

 I feel lucky to have two deep purple old original lilacs at Old Farm; one in the front and one in the back.

Beginning to Bloom...


Alex surfs all year long and is teaching Christian, so you can see the old Jeep we found getting ready to go?

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