Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Carvings for the Cape

Having a couple of carved birds at the Cape, seemed a natural idea, when I spotted these two vintage red birds at the Tomato Factory (a group of antique stores) in Hopewell. This spring I have seen so many red cardinals and pretty birds in my new garden at Old Farm, and this pair haunted me for a few days.  I am thinking how sweet these will look in the new little red bedroom?

Here are bird carvings that Christian and Leif did when they were little and have been on our Hopewell kitchen counter ever since…

My Friend Fritz

You can find pictures of Fritz Karch and his vintage (recycled) wardrobe in “Time Out New York”, or his Manhattan apartment in “An Afternoon With” on-line, but you may have seen some of his brilliant collections in Martha Stewart's Magazine or here in Hopewell at the Tomato Factory. I was lucky to work with Fritz in advertising years ago when his home apartment in Hopewell was mostly walls of white shelves holding collections of all the miniature GE refrigerator models, early and sculpture-like toasters, every Monopoly game ever made, etc. He moved on to fill barns and buildings and become Martha Stewart’s remarkable Editorial Director For Collecting. On Sundays I sometimes still see Fritz at a flea market or the Tomato Factory though, where his advice and vintage collections are captivating - such as those red birds. (photograph credit to come).

Upstairs at the Tomato Factory are some bigger items; some vintage and some antique. I sent Bill here to pick-up two painted boat oars ($30 for both) whose colors I really liked and had suddenly found spots for while working at Old Farm. The eaves upstairs were telling me "I need a boat oar on me".

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