Sunday, April 8, 2012

Scandinavian Style

Our home in Hopewell has been an inspiration for Old Farm as a source of colors and a style we’ve found comforting to live with. This home is half as old and has high Victorian ceilings, but both houses seem to benefit from light colors, warm wood and a Scandinavian style?

These are pictures of our dining room, where I hand painted enlarged period motifs to mimic early Swedish Manor House wall paintings. 

The framed drawing in the above picture is one I made of a nearby refurbished pump house.

My girlfriend from Orsta, Norway, brought me this painting her father made in the mountains there. In favorite Scandinavian earth colors and grays, it is a lovely reminder of a beautiful land. This room was featured in the first “blue and white” edition of Victoria Magazine, June 1995.  

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