Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New House Numbers

While I accompanied my husband on business in Amsterdam, we walked the old streets to be inspired by the lovely painted doorways there. We decided to buy Holland paint for the doors (to be done this summer) at Old Farm and found brass numbers we bought for the house. Our first house guest to Old Farm had trouble finding it in the dark, so we also had a Cape-style house number plaque made at the Chatham Sign Shop which we mounted in front of the very old cedar in the circular drive. We have been collecting interesting shells and stones to fill in around the base of this tree too.

We have three Limelight Hydrangeas that flank the kitchen door (and house numbers) at Old Farm and seem to brush you off before you enter. I aggressively pruned these in the spring and never expected to see so many beautiful blooms which lasted the entire summer and then some. I also planted a row of eight little box woods across from them, to lead the way as well. 

 This old cedar appears to be original to Old Farm. It bears many berries which I hope to use some day...

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