Monday, March 12, 2012

A Cold Closing....

The entire family moved in Christmas 2010, installing a wood stove in the kitchen fireplace the day we closed, and gutting the upstairs in a snowstorm which all continued into the New Year.

Before Gutting Room I

Before Gutting Room II

The Work

After removing the ceilings and insulation, we decided to leave the old roof rafters exposed and insulate the roof from the outside when it is replaced. We also discovered the original old wide riser wall boards hidden behind sheet rock in the smaller bedroom (Room II), which I stripped of it's orange wall paper, and we are now securing and painting. We plan to build similar riser walls in the large bedroom (Room I) using wide old boards we were lucky to find locally. The plaster lathe found in the end walls was hand made as well as the nails, so we have stored most of it.




After Gutting Room I

After Gutting Room II

Six Months…& Spring!

Here is Old Farm in the spring with one of my husband’s planters out front.  The white petunias in this urn bloomed with the original old white lilacs nearby. My husband, Bill, is a potter and a sculptor in his free time - which has lasted over 40 years. It has been a joy to place several of his pieces at Old Farm as we create spaces for them.

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